About Me,


Hello, welcome to my website!  My name is Bethany and I'm here to create beautiful, one of a kind, handmade items for your home.  I offer personalized service to create quilts, bed runners, table runners, dresser scarves, wall hangings, greeting cards, knitted items, in the colors and designs that match your taste and style.


I first began quilting in 2006 when my second child fell in love with Sock Monkeys and I found an adorable sock monkey fabric that I knew had to be made into a quilt.  I thought that having something hand made by his mom would be so much more special than a box store purchase.  What began as a labor of love (with matching valances) turned into a love for the art itself. Now I am offering my services for those  who also desire hand made items created with love.

I am mostly self-taught however after many years I wanted to be able to add to my designs and so sought out lessons. Like most artists, lessons and learning is a life-long endeavor and challenges bring new opportunities for growth and expanding one's talents and abilities.


As you can see, I have moved beyond sock monkeys and can offer many designs and options . All quilted items are heirloom quality and are constructed to last with proper care and usage.


I also will offer pre-made items for sale here as well.  If you see a style that you like, please let me know. All patterns you see can be done in the colors you need to match your own decor or for the recipient. Quotes are free!

I'd also like to take this opportunity to share with you a word about giving back.  I donate 10% of my income to charities. I have made and donated quilts to the birthing center at our local hospital for parents facing miscarriage and infant loss, it is impossible to describe the grief parent's face when they lose a baby, this way they have something to hold onto in memory of their little one. I also have donated to Silent Auctions such as Day Kimball Hospital's Twilight In the Country and Auction benefiting Day Kimball Hospital Homemakers,  Day Kimball Hospital Homecare and Hospice and Palliative Care.  Such an honor to help those in need so when you purchase an item from me or hire me to make something for you, you can also know that someone else beside the recipient is benefiting whether it be clean drinking water, healthcare, food, clothing, shelter or help with medical services both here and abroad. Heb. 13:16


I welcome input and feedback so please let me know what I can do to help you find that one of a kind heirloom treasure you will cherish for years to come.


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